Gift sets

Product Colors Price
ensemble herissons

Gift set – Hedgehogs

Black, White


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ensemble coeurs

Gift set – Hearts

Light grey, Old pink, White


ensemble avions

Gift set – Planes

Black, Grey, Red


Ensemble fleurs

Gift set – Flowers

Black, Old pink, Pearl


ensemble baleines

Gift set – Whales

Light Blue, Teal, White


ensemble lamas

Gift set – B&S Lamas

Mint, White


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Duo 19

Duo – Pineapple Fuschia and fushia, pearl, baby pink

Baby pink, Fuschia, Pearl


Duo 17

Duo – Cactus Light grey and light grey, grey and charcoal

Charcoal, Grey, Light grey


Duo 18

Duo – Cactus Violet and White, pearl, sorbet and violet

Pearl, Sorbet pink, Violet, White


duo fleur

Duo – Flower bib and pacifier clip Lilac, purple and fuschia

Black, Fuschia, Lilac, Old pink, Pearl, Purple

36,99$ 34,00$

duo ananas

Duo – Pineapple bib and pacifier clip teal, lime and grey

Black, Grey, Lime, Teal, White

36,99$ 34,00$

duo carreaux

Duo – Boreal forest bib and pacifier clip black, grey and red

Black, Grey, Red


duo voiture

Duo – Cars bib and pacifier clip white, royal blue and grey

Baby blue, Blue, Grey, Royal blue, White


Duo 15 new

Duo – Pretzel lavender and Pearl, lavender, vintage pink and old pink

Lavender lilac, Light grey, White

24,95$ 21,99$

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Duo 14 new

Duo – Pretzel dark teal and Dark teal, grey, light grey and spotted

Dark teal, Grey, Light grey, Spotted


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Duo – Pretzel Mint and White, light grey, mint and grey

Grey, Light grey, Mint, White

24,95$ 21,99$

duo fleur ananas corail

Duo – Pineapple Coral and Coral, pearl, white and grey

Coral, Grey, Pearl, White


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B-DU001-10 - Duo Nano et Ananas Turquoise

Duo – Pineapple teal and Teal, white and light grey

Light grey, Teal, White


B-DU001-09 - Duo Nano et Cactus gris

Duo – Grey Cactus and Grey, spotted, light grey and sapphire

Grey, Light grey, Sapphire, Spotted


B-DU001-03 - Duo Mini et Oreo rose pale

Duo – Light pink Cookie and Vintage pink, white, light pink and pearl

Light Pink, Pearl, Vintage pink, White


B-DU001-01 - Duo Mini et Oreo noir

Duo – Black Cookie and Black, grey, spotted and light grey

Black, Grey, Light grey, Spotted


Set braise

Gift set – Braise

Royal blue, Taupe, White

48,94$ 35,00$

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Gift set – Magnitude

Royal blue, Taupe, White

48,94$ 35,00$

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Made of BPA-free silicone that do not contain phthalates, cadmium or lead.

The silicone is soft to the touch and gentle for a baby’s gums and new teeth. It is also highly resistant.

The clasps on all our necklaces have a self-release mechanism that allows them to open without breaking when tugged or pulled hard.

Knots are placed between all the beads for added safety.

Can be washed in the dishwasher or by hand, using soap and water.

Made with love in Québec!

© Bulle Bijouterie pour Mamans • Réalisé par XC